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Mobile health, or mHealth, could significantly reduce health care spending in France by 2017.
The widespread use of mobile phones to monitor patients would save 11.5 billion euros in health spending in France by 2017 and 99 billion in the EU, according to a study published Sunday. According to this study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (pwc), "a generalization of the use of mobile solutions (m-health) contribute to optimal management of chronic diseases and the consequences of an aging population, two of the priorities of the European Union" .
Pwc gives as examples of mobile solutions already used occasionally in France, the use of mobile phones to remind their patients medical appointments, remind them to take medication, or monitoring of diabetic patients. study evaluates 11 5 billion savings in health expenditures France with 100% deployment of the "m-health" in 2017. Through avoidance of lost days and early retirement work, the French GDP would increase by 13 billion euros. Also in the case of m-health general, GDP across the EU increase by EUR 93 billion. To achieve these positive effects, "Member States must remove many obstacles to regulatory, economic, structural and technological, which currently limit (the) development" of m-health, however, emphasizes pwc.
The audit firm including recommends "creating innovative reimbursement mechanisms (...) that encourage patients and providers of medical devices to adopt mobile solutions " .
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